Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Glowing Dial LIVE Halloween Show!

Hello my devoted fans:

Just wanted to invite you all to listen to our first Glowing Dial LIVE Halloween show this Sunday, October 30th from 4pm to approx. 11:30 pm EST. The longer running time is so that, after the LIVE portion, we can present our 2003 War Of The Worlds Tribute show.
The Tribute will include the Mercury Theatre original (timed to hit at 8pm EST as it did 78 years ago), some interviews with Orson Welles and company, the excellent WKBW, Buffalo remake plus our own tongues-planted-firmly-in-cheek version of the classic radio play.

The LIVE portion of the show will feature myself and my co-hosts Stu and Greg (and even a few friends thrown in for good measure).
We'll be playing some spooky old time radio shows, reading a few spooky poems and sharing some of our spooky but real stories.
We invite you, our listeners to call in and share some of your ghostly goings-on as well.

You can Skype us by searching for The Glowing Dial LIVE and adding us to your list of contacts or you can simply phone us at 248-221-2011. Please remember to only Skype or call during LIVE show times and wait until we "open the Skype/phone lines" before calling.

We'll even have a trivia question (not too difficult). Be the first one to answer the question either via Skype, phone or our chat room and you will win a nifty Horror and Suspense OTR Sampler (about 15 shows) on a convenient USB flash drive! Of course, if you're the winner, we'll need you to e-mail us with your mailing address so we can get your prize out to you.

You can hear the show by going to where there is an embedded player.
You can alternately go to our Mixlr LIVE Page at to hear the show there.
Just sign in at our Mixlr LIVE Page and you can join us in the chat room while the show is on.

The fun all starts at 4pm EST, Sunday October 30, 2016!

Hope to see you all on the radio!

Best to all, Big John Matthews
Host - The Glowing Dial and
The Glowing Dial LIVE

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