Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Glowing Dial with Big John and Steve - Show No. POD65 Premieres -- pretty much on time!

The Glowing Dial with Big John and Steve
Latest Episode: POD65
Running From: December 10 to December 30, 2017
Run Time: 3 hrs. 24 min. 01 sec.

Big John and Steve send their listeners a sleigh full of Christmas cheer!

Favorite Story - "A Christmas Carol"
originally aired on Saturday, December 24, 1949 on KFI, Los Angeles/Ziv Syndication
Starring: Ronald Colman hosts and acts.
Sponsor: varied due to syndication

Fibber McGee and Molly - "Christmas Shopping"
originally aired on Tuesday, December 7, 1948 on NBC
Starring: Jim and Marian Jordan, Gale Gordon, Arthur Q. Bryan, Bill Thompson.
Harlow Wilcox announcing.
Sponsor: Johnson's Wax

Grand Central Station - "Miracle For Christmas"
originally aired on Saturday, December 24, 1949 on CBS
Starring: Mason Adams, Ralph Platten, Gilbert Mack, Walter Greaza, Madeleine Pearce .
Ken Roberts narrating. Gaylen Drake announcing.
Sponsor: Pillsbury

My Favorite Husband - "The Sleigh Ride"
originally aired on Friday, December 23, 1949 on CBS
Starring: Lucille Ball, Richard Denning, Ruth Perrot, Hans Conreid, Peter Leeds, Frank Nelson.
Bob LeMond announcing.
Sponsor: Jell-O

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