Sunday, December 29, 2019

Big John will be LIVE on Yesterday USA TODAY!

Fellow Glowing Dial listeners ...

I will be on Yesterday USA Live on the following days so please tune in! You can even call in and request old time radio shows or music. My new official Glowing Dial Live phone number is 248-439-0147! This number is only to be used during Live shows.
Of course, I still will be doing my usual Saturday Night Live Shows every Saturday from 6 to 10pm EST. Same phone number for those too.

The schedule for my Glowing Dial Holiday Extras is below. To listen in, go to I'll most likely be on the Blue Stream but try the Red Stream if Blue isn't working. 

The links are:
YUSA Blue:

Sunday, December 29 - 4pm to 10:30pm EST
Monday, December 30 - 3pm to 10:30pm EST
Tuesday, December 31 - 3pm to 10:30pm EST
Wednesday, January 1 - 3pm to 10:30pm EST
Thursday, January 2 - 3pm to 10:30pm EST
Friday, January 3 - 3pm to 10:30pm EST

Hope you can join me on any or all of these shows. Please call in and let me know you're listening.

I may be joined on some of these Extras by my buddy Johnny Holmes of Radio Once More so all the more reason to tune in! Johnny is awesome! Well, so am I

The Glowing Dial home page is at

Big John Matthews

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Big John to be Live on YUSA several times in the next few weeks!

Happy Holidays to you all!

Aside from my usual Saturday Night Live Show on Yesterday USA Radio, I will also be on the station Live at several other times in the next few weeks starting this Friday! The schedule will be below. I hope you can listen in and perhaps even call in and chat with me or request an old time radio show or Holiday song. Yes, I will be playing some Holiday music as well as old time radio.

I'll be in the Yesterday USA Members Only chat room too during most of these broadcasts! If you're not a supporting member of YUSA, then why not? YUSA needs your donations to keep on keepin' on. Simply go to and click on the big "Donate Now" icon at the top of the page. It's as easy as that. The Glowing Dial also is in need of donations as we are buying equipment to better take phone calls on the Live shows. Go to and click on the PayPal Donate icon at the bottom of the menu on page left.

I'll be taking phone calls on most shows. The exceptions are my Saturday Live show on 12/21/19. That one is pre-recorded. Also the two broadcasts on December 25 will be automated. Call me at any other listed times at 248-270-7780.

We are calling these "Glowing Dial Live Holiday Extras".

Friday, December 20 - 3pm to 10:30pm

Sunday, December 22 - 3pm to 10:30pm

Monday, December 23 - 3pm to 10:30pm

Tuesday, December 24 - t.b.a.

Wednesday, December 25 - 4am to 4pm (I'll just be playing Dennis Daily's 12 hour music marathon)

Wednesday, December 25 - 4pm to 10:30pm (I'll just be playing the complete "Cinnamon Bear" story)

Thursday, December 26 - 3pm to 10:30pm

Friday December 27 - 3pm to 10:30pm (My first shift of our YUSA Holiday marathon)

Saturday, December 28 - 4am to 10am (My second shift of our YUSA Holiday marathon)

Sunday, December 29 - 3pm to 10:30pm

Monday, December 30 - t.b.a.

Tuesday, December 31 - 3pm to 10:30pm
(I'll also pop into Walden's Live show towards Midnight EST to ring in the New Year)

Wednesday, January 1, 2020 - 3pm to 10:30pm

Thursday, January 2, 2020 - 3pm to 10:30pm

Friday, January 3, 2020 - t.b.a.

Note: I should be on both the Red and the Blue streams at Yesterday USA for these shows.

Hope to hear from you and please listen when you can!

Big John Matthews
The Glowing Dial Live with Big John and Company

Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Glowing Dial with Big John and Steve - Show No. POD100 Premieres on time for a change!

The Glowing Dial with Big John and Steve
Episode: POD100
Running from: December 15, 2019 to January 4, 2020
Run time: 2 hrs. 55 min.

Big John and Steve celebrate Christmas and New Year's!

Dark Fantasy - "The House Of Bread"
originally aired on Friday, December 26, 1941 on WKY, Oklahoma City/NBC
Starring: Scott Bishop, Ben Morris, Charles Carshon, Eleanor Naylor Caughron, Fred Wayne.
Tom Paxton announcing.
Sponsor: Sustained

Philco Radio Time - "Skitch Henderson, Christmas Show"
originally aired on Wednesday, December 25, 1946 on ABC
Starring: Bing Crosby, John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra, The Charioteers, Skitch Henderson.
Ken Carpenter announcing.
Sponsor: Philco Radios

Suspense - "Yuletide Miracle"
originally aired on Sunday, December 17, 1961 on CBS
Starring: Larry Haines, Joe De Santis, Bill Lipton, Santos Ortega, Rosemary Rice, Katharine Raht.
Stuart Metz announcing.
Sponsor: no spots heard

The Bob Hope Show - "from Camp Young, California, Rita Hayworth"
originally aired on Tuesday, January 5, 1943 on NBC
Starring: Bob Hope, Jerry Colonna, Barbara Jo Allen, Frances Langford, Skinnay Ennis, Rita Hayworth.
Wendell Niles announcing.
Sponsor: Pepsodent

Click this link to LISTEN NOW!…/theglowingdialnopod100.mp3

Click this link for show details and for information on how you can subscribe to our podcast!
Remember: our show is now available on Google Play Music, iTunes, YouTube, TuneIn and The Internet Archive! Go to our "Shows" page at the above url for details.

The LIVE Show has returned! The Glowing Dial LIVE can be heard on Yesterday USA Radio on the Blue and Red stream every Saturday night from 6 to 10pm EST! Fascinating interviews, Old-Time Radio, Giveaways, Trivia Contests and more! 

Click on Live Show at for more information!

The Glowing Dial has returned to Yesterday USA Radio! Kim Bragg, widow of Bill Bragg has given us a permanent spot on YUSA and we are making episodes of The Glowing Dial exclusively for them. Visit Yesterday USA Radio at and send some monetary support their way. We could use some monetary help too, a PayPal link is on our main page below the menu. Give what you can to help us all keep on keepin' on!

Ben Morris

Bing "Der Bingle" Crosby

Bob Hope

Frances Langford

Jerry Colonna

Joe De Santis

Larry Haines

Santos Ortega