Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Premiere date announced for The Glowing Dial!

Hi folks!

At long last it looks like we are finally ready to do some new episodes of The Glowing Dial! It's been a long hiatus, 7 years! The hiatus was due to my health and personal problems. Things are stabilizing now and we're ready to go.

One change, hopefully temporary. Steve "Archive" Urbaniak is currently unavailable to do shows as he's having to devote all his time to a job search. The Macomb Daily, a local newspaper that he was working at decided to let him go recently after many years of employment. Steve is a substitute teacher as well but that's not keeping the lights on for him so job searching he goes. 

We wish him all the luck we can muster in his job search and hope that he is able to return to the show in the near future.

All is not lost because our good friend Stu Chisholm has kindly offered to be my co-host until Steve can return. Those of you who have listened to the show in the past might remember Stu as he sat in with Steve and I on a few shows.  Our chemistry is a good one on the mic, not quite as silly as what Steve and I had but close.

Aside from The Glowing Dial now being available as a podcast, we will also be carried by Jerry Haendiges' Olde Tyme Radio Network! We also have plans to return to Stay Tuned America when they return to the internet airwaves in the near future! 

The new episodes of Glowing Dial are set to premiere Sunday, April 6, 2014! There will be a new show every three weeks. Even though you can get the show automatically downloaded to your favorite podcatcher program, you will also want to check out Jerry Haendiges' Olde Tyme Radio Network because aside from our show, there are several other fine OTR shows there for your enjoyment including one hosted by Jerry himself.

So set your sites on April 6, 2014 for the return of The Glowing Dial! All this information will be on our web page at

See you on the radio!
Big John