Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Glowing Dial Show POD03

The Glowing Dial
Latest Episode # POD03

Big John and Greg celebrate Memorial Day
with a tribute to The Armed Forces Radio

G.I. Journal - Inner Stinkum
originally aired Friday, November 26, 1943 on AFRS
Starring: Jack Carson, Sully Mason, Charles LaVere, Wally Maher,
Jerry Colonna, Kay Kyser's Orchestra, Linda Darnell,
Mel Blanc, Arthur Q. Bryan, Georgia Carroll, Harry Babbitt,
Harry Mitchell announcing.

Front Line Theater - Ham For Sale
originally aired Monday, December 27, 1943 on AFRS
Starring: Jack Benny, Barbara Stanwyck, Basil Rathbone, Michael Curtiz, Jean Hersholt, Russ Morgan and his Orchestra.

Mail Call - Lum n' Abner
originally aired Wednesday, February 23, 1944 on AFRS
Starring: Lum n' Abner (Chester Lauck, Norris Goff),
Judy Canova, Jerry Cooper, Anita Ellis,
Harry Von Zell announcing.

Command Performance - Bob Hope
originally aired Wednesday, September 13, 1944 on AFRS
Starring: Bob Hope, Johnny Mercer, Gloria DeHaven, June Allyson,
Ethel Smith, Frances Langford, Jerry Colonna, Jane Russell, Beatrice Kay, Ken Carpenter announcing.

running time: 2 hours, 32 Minutes, 27 Seconds

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