Monday, May 11, 2015

The Glowing Dial - Show No. POD20 Premieres!

The Glowing Dial;
Latest Episode # POD20
running from May 10 to May 30, 2015
running time: 2 hrs. 43 min. 03 sec.

Big John and Stu celebrate Mother's Day and Memorial Day!

The Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show - "Mother's Day Present" (aka "Hot Merchandise")
originally aired Sunday, May 8, 1949 on NBC
Starring: Phil Harris, Alice Faye, Elliot Lewis, Walter Tetley, Jeanine Roose, Anne Whitfield, Robert North.
Bill Foreman announcing.
Sponsor: Rexall

Dragnet - "The Big Mother"
originally aired Thursday, November 9, 1950 on NBC
Starring: Jack Webb, Barton Yarborough.
Hal Gibney and George Fenneman announcing.
Sponsor: Fatima Cigarettes

The Great Gildersleeve - "Memorial Day Parade"
originally aired Sunday, May 30, 1943 on NBC
Starring: Harold Peary, Lurene Tuttle, Walter Tetley, Earle Ross, Ben Alexander, Shirley Mitchell, Lillian Randolph, Richard LeGrand.
Ken Carpenter announcing.
Sponsor: Kraft

Anthology - "Memorial Day 1954"
originally aired Sunday, May 30, 1954 on WNBC/NBC
Starring: Bing Crosby, Agnes Moorehead, Frank Lovejoy, Walter Huston.
Harry Fleetwood announcing.

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Alice Faye and Phil Harris

(l to r) Alice Faye, Anne Whitfield, Phil Harris, Jeanine Roose

Jack Webb

Harold Peary