Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Glowing Dial - Show # POD19 Premieres!

The Glowing Dial
Latest Episode # POD19
running from April 19 to May 9, 2015
running time: 2 hrs. 50 min. 30 sec.

Big John and Stu reach into their OTR grab bag!

The Weird Circle - "The Murders In The Rue Morgue"
originally aired Sunday, January 2, 1944 thru Ziv Syndication
Starring: no cast information available, sorry.
Sponsor: Ziv Syndication - sponsorship varied

Lights Out! - "Vengeance And Mac Rogan"
(aka "Until Dead" and "The Luck Of Mark Street")
originally aired Tuesday, February 2, 1943 on CBS
Starring: Frank Lovejoy, Arnold Moss, Paul Stewart, Mercedes McCambridge.
Bob Stevenson announcing.
Sponsor: Ironized Yeast

Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet - "Bing Crosby"
originally aired Sunday, December 5, 1948 on NBC
Starring: Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson, Janet Waldo, Tommy Bernard, Henry Blair, Bing Crosby, Lindsay Crosby, John Brown.
Verne Smith announcing.
Sponsor: International Silver Company

The Fred Allen Show - "One Long Pan Skit"
Allen's Alley Question: Have You Been Victimized By Misrepresentation In Advertising?
originally aired Sunday, April 11, 1948 on NBC
Starring: Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Parker Fennelly, Minerva Pious, Peter Donald, The DeMarco Sisters, Basil Rathbone, Al Goodman and His Orchestra, Kenny Delmar.
Kenny Delmar announcing.
Sponsor: Ford Motor Company

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Edgar Allan Poe

Frank Lovejoy

The Nelson Family
(Ozzie, Harriet, David, Ricky)

Fred Allen

Fred Allen and Portland Hoffa