Monday, December 16, 2013

We're now on ITunes!

Good news! The Glowing Dial Podcast has been accepted by ITunes and is now available there. All the episodes we have archived are there. The new episodes (when we get started again early 2014) will be posted there too.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All episodes now posted!

Good news! I now have all episodes of The Glowing Dial posted! We decided to go with the method of posting our shows as podcasts. We deleted our account because, as I said previously, we could not afford a paid account that would handle all our shows.

The shows can be found by going to and clicking on Shows. Here you will also find the addendums we did for some of the shows. Addendums being audio files that were related to that particular show but not edited as part of the show proper.

We are still not without our problems however. One problem is that our Archived Shows xml feed does not seem to load properly in Internet Explorer but looks fine in Firefox. I have no clue as to why this is. One other problem that perplexes me concerns the embedding of audio files on our webpage. I refer to the aforementioned Addendums. I wanted to post these on our Shows page at but every code variation I tried did not show up on Firefox at all; started playing the audio file automatically on Chrome (despite the code telling it NOT to autoplay); played all the files at once on IE!

I wanted to embed those files so that, again, the page would have a more modern look to it. I ended up simply putting hyperlinks to the Addendum files, old fashioned but seems to work.

Please let me know how these links and the xml feed work for you and whatever browser you are using. 


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More shows encoded and posted

Just got the rest of the YUSA shows encoded and posted over at our account. That's episodes P69 thru P88. Also got a few of the longer NET shows posted, more to come.

I don't think we're going to post any more to unless enough donations come through to cover its cost. We'd need about $25 a month to cover the amount of stuff we have to post.

Go to and click on the link to see the latest.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

More Archived Shows Posted

I just posted some more of our archived Glowing Dial shows over at our Poderator account (not podOmatic) .. up to show # P68. Now I have looked all over and could have sworn I had shows # 69-88 encoded and stored on dvd or cd-r's .. somewhere! Nope, I guess I had never gotten those particular shows encoded .. ever! I'm going to have to get out the Mini-Disc player (we were recording our shows direct to that format at that time) and fire up Audition 3 and see if I can get them encoded. Give me some time on this please. Updates will be posted here.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another show posting method

I am testing another method of posting out shows aside from This one is called and it's free and works something like Podcast Generator did, using OUR storage and bandwidth. It looks a lot more bare bones compared to PG and POM but it's free!

I have changed the "Shows" link on our webpage to provide links to both for you, the listener to test and comment on.

Our "web guy" continues to work on the PG problem so that's still a third option for us.

So go to The Glowing Dial Page and click on "Shows" to test the two methods we have available currently.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Donations Requested

Glowing Dial fans:

As has been said before, we are planning a revival of The Glowing Dial and we are also slowly uploading our archived episodes.

This isn't going to come for free. We have some services donated to us already but we need a little more help on that front. We're asking you to donate what you can to this effort by going to and clicking on the PayPal Donate icon which you will find at the bottom of the menu to the left of the page.

We're also looking to sell some commercial time on The Glowing Dial, so if you have a company or concern that you think our audience will like, please contact me at Selling commercial time is something new to me but I am thinking of 30 second spots, I guess they could be longer if need be. At this point, I have no idea on how much to ask per spot, maybe some one experienced in this can offer me some tips. I WILL NOT interrupt the otr shows we play! The spots would be played in between the otr shows. Steve and I could also read your copy and put our own spin on it for you too.

Once again, we have no definite return date for the show, we're still sorting things out on this end after our long hiatus.

Thanks for your attention, 
Big John Matthews
co-host, The Glowing Dial

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET10

Show # NET10 - (Premiered March 7, 2004)
- "Blood Bath", 6/30/50, CBS
- "Case Of The Red Hot Readers", (date unknown), CBS
Mr. President
- "Woodrow Wilson", 1/23/49, ABC
The Fat Man
- "A Window For Murder", 10/3/47, ABC
Vic and Sade
- "Vic Is Sleeping On The Couch", 1/24/44, NBC
Little Orphan Annie
- # 1164  "Wright Brothers 33rd Anniversary of First Flight", 6/16/36, Blue Network

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET10 

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET09

This episode features a veritable cornucopia of comedy.

Show # NET09 - (Premiered February 15, 2004)
Gasoline Alley  - "The Adventure Of Jealous Jessica", 1948 or 1949, WOR and SYNDICATION
Moon Mullins - Audition Show "Suit Of Armor", 1947, CBS
The Sad Sack
- "Sad Sack Comes Home", 6/12/46, CBS
That Brewster Boy - "Joey Runs Away From Home", December, 1941, NBC RED
- "The Acting Bug Bites Alexander", 2/6/50, ABC
The Spike Jones Show - "Opera", 6/25/49, CBS

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET09 

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET08

This episode features some of our favorite detectives.

Show # NET08 (Premiered January 25, 2004)
Adventures Of Frank Race  - # 5  "The Enoch Arden Adventure", 5/29/49, SYNDICATED
Broadway Is My Beat
- # 150  "Helen Selby", 1/31/53, SYNDICATED
Casey, Crime Photographer
- "Photo Of The Dead", 7/24/47, CBS
The New Adventures Of Nero Wolfe
- # 22  "The Final Page", 3/23/51, NBC
Boston Blackie
- # 109  "Drowned After Robbery", 5/14/47, MUTUAL

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET08 

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET07

Show # NET07 (Premiered January 4, 2004)
Nightbeat - # 29  "Stay Of Execution", 8/21/50, NBC
I Was A Communist For The F.B.I. - # 58  "The Crossed Heart", 6/3/53, SYNDICATED The Lives Of Harry Lime (The Third Man) - # 43  "Murder On The Riviera", 5/23/52, MUTUAL Sherlock Holmes - "The Adventure Of The Copper Beeches", 11/2/47, MUTUAL The Whistler - # 398  "Letter From Cynthia", 12/25/49, CBS

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET07 

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET06

Here's our first tribute to my personal favorite, Jack Benny. The guy had it all, great cast, great timing, great writers. This was radio and so many wonderful things could happen with just a little sound effect. Aside from being a Jack Benny tribute, it's also our Christmas show for 2003, so we selected 5 of Jack's Christmas episodes. Happy Holidays!

Show # NET06  (Premiered December 15, 2003)
The Jack Benny Program “Christmas Shopping In New York”, 12/11/38, NBC
The Jack Benny Program “Christmas Open House At Jack’s”, 12/24/39, NBC
The Jack Benny Program -  “Christmas Shopping – Rochester’s Missing”, 12/22/40, NBC
The Jack Benny Program “Addressing Christmas Cards”, 12/7/52, CBS
The Jack Benny Program “Cactus Christmas Tree”, 12/20/53, CBS

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET06 

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET05

This episode is strictly for laughs as we feature 5 of the most memorable comedy shows from radio's golden age.

Show # NET05  (Premiered November 24, 2003)
The Burns and Allen Show – "Gracie Pretends To Be Bill Goodwin’s Wife", 11-1-45, AFRS
The Jack Benny Program - # 503  "Larry Adler", 2-13-44, AFRS
Duffy’s Tavern – "Eddie The Waiter Wants To Quit", 11-9-45, AFRS
Fibber McGee and Molly - # 521  "Football Game Anniversary", 10-7-47, NBC
The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show – "How To Repair A Living Room" (w/audience warm-up), 10-23-53, NBC

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET05  

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET04

This episode features 2 audition shows plus a few other rarities.

Show # NET04  (Premiered November 3, 2003)
Strange Wills - # 27  "The Silver Buckles", date unknown, SYNDICATED
Dick Cole - # 7  "Laura Gets Jealous", 1942, Syndicated
Bunco Squad - [Audition]  "The Case Of The Bookworm", 4/20/1950
The Hunters - [Audition]  "You Take Balistics, 11/29/1948, CBS
Coca-Cola Top Notchers - "Ty Cobb Interviewed", 3/19/1930, NBC

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET04 

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET03

This is our War Of The Worlds 65th Anniversary show. You'll see below that we have a good selection of material to listen to from the original Mercury Theatre version to the excellent updated version done by the staff of WKBW radio in Buffalo, NY plus some nice extras thrown in for good measure such as the time Orson Welles met his idol H.G. Wells. We end the show with our own little tongue-in-cheek homage to Orson and company starring myself, Steve "Archive" Urbaniak and my good friend Greg Barker as the doomed announcer. We probably won't win any awards for our performances but we had fun doing it. It was my first shot at multi-track editing with Adobe Audition. At one point, I had 13 separate tracks going at once! Enjoy and keep watching the skies.

Show # NET03  (Premiered October 13, 2003)
Mercury Theatre On The Air - "The War Of The Worlds", 10/30/38, CBS
excerpt from press conference with Orson Welles, 10/31/38
excerpt from NBC interview with Orson Welles as he remembers WOTW 40 years later
excerpt from Theatre Of The Imagination: The Story Of The Mercury Theatre
H.G. Wells meets Orson Welles, 10/29/40, KTSA, San Antonio, TX
WKBW's adaptation of The War Of The Worlds, 10/30/71, WKBW, Buffalo, NY
The Glowing Dial's tongue-in-cheek homage to The War Of The Worlds

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET03 

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET02

Here's our first tribute to Quiet Please, a show that was very under-appreciated when it aired back in the late 40s. Created and written by Willys Cooper, the man who brought us Lights Out, the show starred former announcer Ernest Chappell as "the man who spoke to you". The series was very creative, some stories were romantic, some were funny and some were downright scary. These shows really require the listener to pay attention. I hope you enjoy the series as I do.

Show # NET02  (Premiered September 22, 2003)
Quiet Please - "Other Side Of The Stars", 5/8/49, ABC
Quiet Please - "Pavanne", 6/18/49, ABC
Quiet Please - "Prest-O, Change-O, I'm Sure", 8/16/48, MUTUAL
Quiet Please - "The Time Of The Big Snow", 1/2/49, ABC
Quiet Please - "The Man Who Knew Everything", 3/6/49, ABC

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET02 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET01

This is the first episode we did after returning in 2003 after a long hiatus. At this point, we had left Yesterday USA Radio (on good terms) and were making the show available on my website, The Glowing Dial Page as well as being carried soon thereafter by Stay Tuned America and Jerry Haendiges' Olde Tyme Radio Network. This updated version of the show was greatly expanded time-wise and each episode would usually run almost 3 hours! Click on individual series titles to be taken to Jerry Haendiges' log for that particular series. Click the link at the bottom to hear the show.

Show # NET01  (Premiered September 1, 2003)
Love Thy Neighbor Preview, 1940, Paramount Studios
Linit Bath Club Revue - "Judge Allen's Court Of Justice", 1-22-33, CBS
The Hall Of Fantasy - # 12  "The Night The Fog Came", 3-16-53, MUTUAL
Globe Theatre - # 140  "A Night To Remember", 1944, AFRS
Guest Star - # 10  "Fibber McGee and Molly", 1947, U.S. Treasury Dept.
Mystery In The Air - "The Lodger", 8-14-47, NBC

The Glowing Dial - Show # NET01 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Glowing Dial - Fill-In Show # F01

Okay folks, here is the first attempt at posting an episode. So sorry it took so damned long but life and health interfered many times since the initial posting on this blog.

This is the first fill-in episode we did for Yesterday USA Radio back in the fall of 1996. We feature "Strange - Ghost Train", an episode of "Can You Top This?" and "The Hermit's Cave - Hansen's Ghost". The link below will take you to our podOmatic page.

The Glowing Dial - Fill-In Show # F01