Friday, October 25, 2019

PREMIERE - The Glowing Dial LIVE with Big John and Company on Yesterday USA Radio!

Join Big John and Company as they have their Premiere Live show on Yesterday USA Radio! We're going to be featuring a bunch of firsts, the beginnings of some serials like The Avengers, some of our Ghost Stories from a few years back, a few dramatic readings in the spirit of Halloween, some old time radio shows also in the theme of Halloween, a trivia contest where you can win a USB drive full of Old Time Radio shows from The Glowing Dial Archives and an installment of The Name Game, where we read a list of silly but legal names, The Celebrity Birthday list with Steve "Archive" Urbaniak and who knows, maybe even some Vintage Celebrity Interviews from our illustrious past. 

All this and more! 6 to 10pm EST this and every Saturday (except November 9, 2019) on Yesterday USA Blue. Please tune in and call in and chat with me! My call in numbers will be 248-270-7780 (Google Number for my cell) and if you want to Skype me during the show, look for glowingdial62 and make it part of your contact list! 

I'll have my chat room open too at I'm not sure if YUSA's members only chatroom will be available or not so let's go with mine. 

To listen, go to The link for the Blue Network link will be: . Tune in early so you don't miss a thing!

Oh and don't forget, you can use those communication methods to Instant Request a show! If we have time and the file is on our server, you'll hear it almost immediately!

See you on the radio!
Big John Matthews
The Glowing Dial Live with Big John and Company 


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