Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Glowing Dial with Big John and Steve - Show No. POD96 Premieres!

This announcement should have gone out a week ago but my health has been an issue again and I had a recent hospitalization.

The Glowing Dial with Big John and Steve
Latest episode: POD96
Running from: September 22 to October 12, 2019
Run time: 3 hrs. 8 min. 19 sec.

Big John and Steve see if there's anything in "Numerology"!

My Favorite Husband - "Numerology"
originally aired on Sunday, December 26, 1948 on CBS/AFRS
Starring: Lucille Ball, Richard Denning, John Hiestand, Frank Nelson, Jay Novello, Hans Conreid.
Bob LeMond announcing.
Sponsor: General Foods/Jell-O (no spots heard)

Screen Director's Playhouse - "Call Northside 777"
originally aired on Friday, December 9, 1949 on NBC
Starring: James Stewart, William Conrad, Stacy Harris, Peggy Webber, Ann Stone, Rita Lynn, Ken Christy, Jim Nusser, Ted Von Elk, Tyler McVey, Paul Frees, Dan Riss.
Jimmy Wallington announcing.
Henry Hathaway directing.
Sponsor: Sustained

The Six Shooter - "Jenny"
originally aired on Sunday, September 20, 1953 on NBC
Starring: James Stewart, D. J. Thompson, Harry Bartell, Jess Kirkpatrick, George Niese.
Hal Gibney announcing.
Sponsor: Coleman

X Minus One - "The Seventh Victim"
originally aired on Wednesday, March 6, 1957 on NBC
Starring: Lawson Zerbe, Teri Keane, Frank Maxwell, Ian Martin, Irv West, Arthur Hughes.
Fred Collins announcing.
Sponsor: Sustained

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The LIVE Show is returning! If everything works out, The Glowing Dial LIVE will return but it will be heard on Yesterday USA Radio! Our premiere date should be October 26, 2019 from 6 to 10pm EST. Click on for more information!

The Glowing Dial has returned to Yesterday USA Radio! Kim Bragg, widow of Bill Bragg has asked Steve and I to do some new shows for her. We have already obliged and will be making more. We have been granted an official time slot on YUSA. Schdules for our YUSA episodes are on our home page. Visit Yesterday USA Radio at and send some monetary support their way.
James Stewart

James Stewart as The Six Shooter

Lawson Zerbe

Lucille Ball and Richard Denning

William Conrad

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