Monday, August 6, 2018

A note about the missed episodes of The Glowing Dial.

Hi folks, at long last I have finally been able to work on the show again. The latest episode of The Glowing Dial, POD76, Premieres today, late of course. It should have gone up July 29, but, as most of you know who have read these posts, I have had a lot of health problems and hospitalizations this year. Finances are a total mess because of missed work (I no longer have my part time job). I'm hoping things will get better in the very near future. Send positive thoughts my way please.

As for shows POD 71 thru 75, which did not have normal premieres, well they will be posted directly to our Archived Shows section of The Glowing Dial Page. We're in the process of cutting and editing those right now.

For those of you who get our show in their podcatcher programs, These episodes will show up there just as the new ones do when they are edited and uploaded so keep an eye out for them.

The LIVE show is currently on hold due to my health and financial issues. We will return to it when we are able.

See you on the radio!
Big John MNatthews
The Glowing Dial

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