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Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Glowing Dial - Show No. POD64 Premieres ... ON TIME FOR A CHANGE!

The Glowing Dial with Big John and Steve
Latest Episode: POD64
Running From: November 19 to December 10, 2017
Run Time: 2 hrs. 45 min.21 sec.

Big John and Steve celebrate Thanksgiving and Greg's Birthday!

The Shadow - "The Ring Of Light"
originally aired on Sunday, November 23, 1941 on MUTUAL
Starring: Bill Johnstone, Marjorie Anderson, Kenny Delmar, Alan Reed, Arthur Vinton, Everett Sloane, Stefan Schnabel, John Brown, Alice Frost, Paul Huber as John Barclay.
Ken Roberts announcing.
Sponsor: Blue Coal

Our Miss Brooks - "Thanksgiving Turkey"
originally aired on Sunday, November 18, 1950 on CBS
Starring: Eve Arden, Jeff Chandler, Richard Crenna, Leonard Smith, Jane Morgan, Gloria McMillan, Gale Gordon.
Bob LeMond announcing.
Sponsor: Colgate

Screen Director's Playhouse - "The Uninvited"
originally aired on Friday, November 18, 1949 on NBC
Starring: Ray Milland, June Foray, John Dehner, Alma Lawton, Norman Field, Mary Shipp, Georgia Backus, Dan Riss, Lewis Allen (director).
Jimmy Wallington announcing.

Screen Director's Playhouse - "The Spiral Staircase"
originally aired on Friday, November 25, 1949 on NBC
Starring: Dorothy McGuire, John Dehner, Steven Dunne, Georgia Backus, David Ellis, Jane Webb, Betty Moran, Jane Morgan, Dan Riss, Robert Siodmak (director).
Jimmy Wallington announcing.

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Bill Johnstone

Eve Arden

Ray Milland

Dorothy McGuire

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