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Monday, April 24, 2017

The Glowing Dial - Show No. POD54 Premieres -- a day late what else?

Sorry about the lateness again folks, just forgot this time. Hey, I'm gettin' old!

The Glowing Dial with Big John and Steve
Latest Episode: POD54
Running From: April 23 to May 14, 2017
Run Time: 2 hrs. 48 min. 07 sec.

Big John and Steve scream out, "It's Murder"!

Murder At Midnight - "Nightmare"
originally aired on Monday, November 11, 1946 on KFI, Los Angeles/Syndication
Starring: Elspeth Eric, Walter Vaughn,
Raymond Morgan as host and narrator.
Sponsor: varied due to syndication

Murder By Experts - "The Dark Island"
originally aired on Monday, August 8, 1949 on MUTUAL
Starring: Gertrude Warner, Bernard Grant, Maurice Tarplin, John Dixon Carr as host and narrator.
Directed and Produced by Robert A. Arthur & David Kogan who also adapted the story.
Bill Tonkin announcing.

Murder Clinic - "The Tragedy Of Marsden Manor"
originally aired on Tuesday, October 6, 1942 on WOR/MUTUAL (also heard on CBC)
Starring: Maurice Tarplin.
Frank Knight announcing.

Murder Will Out - "The Mystery Of Death Undersea"
originally aired on Sunday, July 8, 1945 on ABC
Starring: William Gargan, Edward Marr.
Larry Keating announcing.
Sponsor: Rainier Beer

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Elspeth Eric

Gertrude Warner

Maurice Tarplin

William Gargan

Larry Keating

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