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Monday, January 9, 2017

A note on The Glowing Dial LIVE

Hi listeners,

Just thought I'd drop a line to tell you that The Glowing Dial LIVE will no longer be broadcasting. At least for the time being. It costs me $20 a month to do the show live and I cannot afford it. My finances are very tight indeed, tough to even afford my food and gas after all bills are paid. Sorry but that's the way it has to be right now. The only way to go on with the Live show would be if someone volunteered to make that payment for me but I would have to have a firm commitment from them and have the $20 in time to make the payment each month. If my finances improve (hardly likely at this point), I will continue the Live show.

The tri-weekly podcast WILL continue however so we aren't totally going away. Steve and I will be with you every three weeks. My health has been a problem, especially for the past 2-3 months which is why we have had delays in the podcast. I hope to get some kind of handle on things and have shows up regularly.

Thanks for all your support!
Big John Matthews
The Glowing Dial

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