Monday, July 4, 2016

The Glowing Dial - Show No. POD40 Premieres --- a little late again!

A bit more than a day late again, sorry!

The Glowing Dial
Latest Episode # POD40
running from July 3 to July 23, 2016
running time: 3 hrs. 10 min. 10 sec.

BIG NEWS: Steve "Archive" Urbaniak is STILL back!!!

Big John and Steve celebrate Independence Day!

CBS Is There (You Are There) - "Philadelphia, July 4, 1776"
originally aired Sunday, March 21, 1948 on CBS
Starring: John Daly, Ken Roberts, Ned Calmer, Bud Collyer.

The Quiz Kids - "Celebrating Independence Day"
originally aired Sunday, July 4, 1948 on NBC
Starring: Joe Kelly (host), The Quiz Kids: Joel Kupperman, Lonny Lunde, Rennie Templeton, Nancy McClary, Nanette Hector.
Bob Murphy announcing.
Sponsor: Alka-Seltzer, 1-A-Day Vitamins

Our Miss Brooks - "Conklin's Blood Pressure"
originally aired Sunday, July 3, 1949 on CBS
Starring: Eve Arden, Jane Morgan, Gale Gordon, Gloria McMillan,
Richard Crenna, Jeff Chandler.
Bob Lemond announcing, Verne Smith announcing commercials.
Sponsor: Palmolive Soap, Lustre Creme Shampoo

Father Knows Best - "The Meaning Of Freedoms"
originally aired Thursday, July 5, 1951 on NBC
Starring: Robert Young, June Whitley, Rhoda Williams, Ted Donaldson, Norma Jean Nilsson, Eleanor Audley, Herb Vigran.
Bill Forman announcing.
Sponsor: Maxwell House Coffee, Gaines Meal

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John Daly

Joe Kelly and The Quiz Kids

Eve Arden

Robert Young

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