Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Glowing Dial - Show No. POD07 Premieres!

The Glowing Dial
Latest Episode # POD07
running from August 10 to August 30, 2014
episode running time 2hrs. 23min. 32sec.

Big John and Stu present a tribute to radio station WXYZ, Detroit, MI!

Ned Jordan, Secret Agent - "Adventure Of The True Light Cult"
originally aired Tuesday, 1940 on WXYZ/MUTUAL
Starring: Jack McCarthy, Dick Osgood, Shirley Squires.
Bob Hite announcing.

The Green Hornet - "The Highway That Graft Built"
originally aired Wednesday, October 16, 1940 on WXYZ/Blue Network-ABC/MUTUAL
Starring: Al Hodge, Tokutaro Hayashi (Raymond Toyo), Leonore Allman, Gilly Shea, Rollon Parker.

The Lone Ranger - "Trail Of The Broken Horseshoe"
originally aired Friday, May 2, 1941 on WXYZ/MUTUAL
Starring: Brace Beemer, John Todd.

Challenge Of The Yukon (Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon) - "Self-Defense Or Murder?
originally aired Saturday, December 4, 1943 on WXYZ
Starring: Jay Michael.
Bill Morgan announcing.

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Jack McCarthy (pictured here as "The Green Hornet") also played "Ned Jordan, Secret Agent"

Al Hodge played "The Green Hornet"

Brace Beemer as "The Lone Ranger"

Jay Michael played Sergeant Preston in "Challenge Of The Yukon"

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