Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Donations Requested

Glowing Dial fans:

As has been said before, we are planning a revival of The Glowing Dial and we are also slowly uploading our archived episodes.

This isn't going to come for free. We have some services donated to us already but we need a little more help on that front. We're asking you to donate what you can to this effort by going to http://www.glowingdial.com and clicking on the PayPal Donate icon which you will find at the bottom of the menu to the left of the page.

We're also looking to sell some commercial time on The Glowing Dial, so if you have a company or concern that you think our audience will like, please contact me at glowingdial@wowway.com. Selling commercial time is something new to me but I am thinking of 30 second spots, I guess they could be longer if need be. At this point, I have no idea on how much to ask per spot, maybe some one experienced in this can offer me some tips. I WILL NOT interrupt the otr shows we play! The spots would be played in between the otr shows. Steve and I could also read your copy and put our own spin on it for you too.

Once again, we have no definite return date for the show, we're still sorting things out on this end after our long hiatus.

Thanks for your attention, 
Big John Matthews
co-host, The Glowing Dial

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